Genuine BBS LM 18″ Alloys Fitted

My MR2 project is based on the original White Phoenix Power Demo car. Those that know the car and have seen my post about it will be aware that PP themselves are a fan of the BBS LM alloy wheel and used them on the majority of their demo cars in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

The BBS LM alloy wheel is a fan favorite across all car makes and models, however, the market is flooded with cheap nasty replica wheels. When I was searching for this wheel I found that the 114.3 PCD fitment is quite rare in its genuine form. I also discovered that the red BBS center cap is specific to the Japanese domestic market.

The classic red and gold center cap used in the Japanese Domestic Market

I managed to source a set of fully reconditioned genuine BBS LM alloy wheels on Facebook. 18″, staggered fitment. 9JJ rear and 7.5JJ front.

The newly purchased BBS LM alloy wheels
BBS 10.9 grade wheel studs

When speaking to the seller of the wheels I was amazed to find out that they came off another well know MR2 in the scene that owned by a guy known as ‘JIM GTS’. I was familiar with the car and it was featured in MR2only Magazine. The car was sold and changed sometime in 2010-2012 and had numerous Phoenix Power parts fitted including the rear mounted oil cooler. Tuned by Phoenix Power it was running around 400bhp. I believe the car was a PP customer car and the wheels most likely supplied and fitted by them in Japan. It was quite cool to learn this and adds a bit of PP history to my own car!

My BBS wheels fitted to the original Phoenix Power tuned MR2 owned by JIMGTS

Reading up on fitment I learned that BBS have their own PFS system (Precision Fit System). This meant that the wheels required special metal spigot rings. I sourced some rings and had to clean out the powder coat to enable correct fitment. I’m quite anal about things being correct!

Removal of the powder coating from the PFS spigot ring seating location
The aluminium PFS spigot ring seated correctly on the wheel

If you’re reading this and are thinking about sourcing some genuine BBS alloys then please get the correct metal spigot rings. If these are not used you risk misalignment on the bores and potential damage to wheels.

BBS LM alloys fitted to my Phoenix Power MR2
BBS LM’s on the Phoenix Power MR2 SW20

Before I fitted the wheels I treated them to new rubber. Goodyear Eagle F1’s all around. 245/40/18 rear and 215/40/18 front.

Eagle eyed people will notice that the center caps aren’t red! I still have them, and they are worth quite a bit of money, but I replaced them with genuine gloss black and silver logo BBS caps. I felt they looked better with the darker wheel finish and black/white accents on the rest of the car.