Door Trim Replaced

Over the years the exterior trim on the MR2 is starting to fade or is worn and very tired. The trim / weather strips that sit on top of the doors are still available from Toyota so I decided to replace them both.

mr2 sw20 door trim replacement
Old trim removed. Door cleaned and ready for new trim install.

The trim is quite simple to remove. You will first need to remove the door cards and then the mirror and mounting brackets. The trim itself is mounted by one screw and several slide, push clip style plastic clips (they are white shown below. Once the screw is removed the trim is pulled upwards and it will pop off fairly easily.

mr2 sw20 door trim replacement
The old trim VS new. The brush glass protectors were really rusty!
One old trim was really worn under the mirror mounting point area.
New trim installed and finished!

Not much to show really but I just wanted to document the replacement of some of the exterior trim. It makes the car look so much newer and refreshed.